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Oct. 6th, 2009

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I do the Daily Telegraph Cryptic Crossword every day. It now takes me about an hour to complete. Maybe a little longer. Last night I went to bed leaving one clue unanswered. "Waiter's 'eavy casserole starter". The answer- as I finally worked out- is "steward". It took me so long because I'd got another word slightly wrong- "applause" instead of "applauds"- which gave me an intial "e" where there should have been an "s" and a space to fill that looked like this: "e-e-a-d".  The only word that seemed to fit was "emerald".

We put a new memory-foam mattress on our bed yesterday. We put it on top of the existing mattress and so the bed is now a mile high and getting out of it is like sliding off a cliff. Ailz says she feels much less achey this morning. I feel much as I always do, but the new mattress is comfortable enough. The effect is like lying on a slab of putty.

We took Ailz's parents to Ikea yesterday. We were on the brink of leaving when Odi rang up and asked us if we'd keep Fabrizio for her while she went and picked a friend up from the airport. I went white at the thought of managing a baby as well as the old people- and sulked a bit- but in the event we all had a blast. Fabrizio is now at the age I like; he's responsive. You wave, he waves; you clap hands, he claps hands. We had lunch in the Ikea cafeteria and he ate off our plates. I had the most fun popping green peas into his mouth, one by one.

Odi and Peter's friend is called Azi. She's a Cameroonian living in South Africa and she's got a baby called Kyle.  Ailz wrote a letter that helped her get her visitor's visa.  Here are some pictures of what happened when Fabrizio met Kyle.


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