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Jul. 2nd, 2009

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Two, big, macho government wheezes just got the chop. First to go was the plan to issue us all with ID cards. Next up was Mandelson's scheme to part-privatise the Post Office. I hated them both- and I'm very, very glad to see the back of them.

How does Brown put up with it? How can he bear to keep staggering from humiliation to humiliation? 

For the rest of us it's nothing but good news. The power-crazy idiots have had their hands tied.  We've endured a decade of strong government- and look what horrors it delivered! Now we have weak government- and it's  humble and friendly and douce. 
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I turned the final page of the Hypnerotomachia last night. Polia disappeared from Poliphilo's arms just as they were about to comsummate their love- as we always feared she would. He writes her epitaph. Poliphilo was probably a guy called Francesco Colonna. Who Polia was is anybody's guess. It's possible she was merely a fictional device, but I doubt it.
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Polia and Poliphilo


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