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May. 15th, 2009

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Ah- of course- that's why I'm aching so badly this morning: it's because I trimmed the hedge. You'd think it would be my shoulders that hurt the most, but, oddly enough, it's my hips.

Peter came round in the afternoon. We have this arrangement where he sits in the front window, drinks a single cup of coffee and plays online Scrabble for hours. While he did that we got stuck in to the final season of Six Feet Under. By the time we called a halt we'd clocked up six hours of it.

I don't suppose it's too much of a spoiler to reveal that the final season features the death of one of the leading characters. A bold thing to do, though, of course, no-one on Six Feet Under ever really dies. Dad- who got "creamed by a bus" in the pilot episode still keeps popping up in dreams and visions- and so does Lisa who was murdered in season 3. The episode in which the leading character is laid to rest was the most excruciating yet- and utterly gripping.  
We had a pasta dish last night that Ailz lifted from The BBC GoodFood magazine. The ingredients were bacon, peas, cheese and a whole packet of fresh mint. We were thinking as we stripped the stalks and chucked in the leaves that the flavour of the mint was likely to be overpowering, but it balanced the saltiness and fattiness of the bacon very nicely. A couple of days back we had a vegetable stew from the same magazine in which the miracle ingredient was coriander seeds- which are, quite simply, the most delicious foodstuff known to man.


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