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Mar. 23rd, 2009

poliphilo: (Default)
We're expecting a visit from two very small boys. There was a time when the furnishings in this house were arranged on the understanding that football and wrestling are both parlour games- but that was ten, fifteen years ago- and I look round now and think, "Oh, my God, so many things to break!"

But at least the breakables are none of them very valuable- so what the hell!

On the other hand, small boys are themselves breakable and there may well be things- many things- at reachable height that could do a lot of damage if ingested or jabbed into eyes or other soft tissue.

Certain rooms will need to be locked I think. For instance the back bedroom with the Goddess shrine in it- and the sword leaning against the chimney piece.

Which reminds me of the day- it was during my pirate phase-  that I got hold of my grandfather's military dress sword. I remember it was very heavy (it must have been as long as I was) and that, in consequence, my swishing and swashing lacked elegance.  I also remember the fluttering, dove-like cries of my mother and grandmother.

So, anyway, there's suddenly a new, rather urgent reason to press ahead with the spring-clean.


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