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May. 4th, 2017

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I never intended to do any gardening. We came down here to look after my mother not manage her hobby for her- but you get dragged in...

The gardeners didn't show up on Wednesday and we had two fruit trees to plant- so this morning I sourced a wheelbarrow, put on my leather gloves and planted them myself.

Now I'm looking at what I've done and thinking I'd like more trees- in fact, how about turning the whole of the back lawn- now lumpy with mole hills- into an orchard?

I came back in after planting the second tree and Ailz showed me that the boilersuit my father used to wear for gardening had fallen off its peg. Something it had managed even though an apron which hadn't shifted was hanging on top of it. She interprets this as signifying his approval of my change of heart.


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