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Nov. 5th, 2009

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The engineer is outside tinkering with the lift. It's almost right but not quite- and almost right is the same as unusable.

Ailz just had her swine flu jab. I think the whole swine flu thing is madly overblown. She was telling me afterwards of an item she'd seen on TV where they tested public transport in Manchester for horrible, lurking germs- and found there weren't any to speak of.  From there we passed to a theory she'd heard of on the radio which posits that our ancestors took up kissing as a way of exchanging germs and building up immunity to one another. 

I watched a documentary about Lautrec last night. Given the chance I will always watch a documentary about Lautrec. There's a case- I'm saying this, not the people who made the documentary- for billing him as the first pop artist. I love him very much. Sometimes I think that dying at 36 of a combination of syphilis and alcoholism is a supremely rational way of coping with life in the material world- especially when you've taken the trouble to revolutionise poster design and produce some of the most deeply empathetic artworks of the 19th century first.

File:Lautrec in bed 1892.jpg

Lautrec: In Bed 1882


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