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Oct. 23rd, 2009

poliphilo: (Default)
We stayed up to watch Nick Griffin on Question Time- as did 8 million others (or should that be nine hundred thousand, nine hundred and ninety eight).

He's a funny looking cove. Squat, fat-faced, with a glass eye (just like Gordon Brown) and a thatch of coarse black hair. When he makes a joke he crinkles up and goes all geeky. 

He's clever enough to want to present himself as a mild-mannered, mainstream politician and emphatically Not a Nazi- a strategy that falls foul of YouTube- but he can't be that clever or he wouldn't believe that the present government is committing "genocide" against the "indigenous" people of Britain. Maybe the word should be "cunning" rather than "clever".  Cunning but stupid is an entirely viable combination.
Only in politics could someone so unappetizing become any sort of a star. 

A lamentable side effect of having him on a show like this is that it permits a trio of mainstream party hacks- including the slippery and sinister Jack Straw- to come on like they're the tribunes of the people. 

The viewing figures (nearly three times what this show normally gets) are depressing and I'm sorry I added to them. 


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