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Jun. 9th, 2009


Jun. 9th, 2009 08:27 am
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I'd have guessed ecru was a shade of blue. No very good reason except that it sounds that way. Ailz is back doing cross-stitch and the pattern she's working on calls for certain little twirly bits to be done in ecru. Anyway I looked it up and it's a cousin of beige- only more yellowy. Beige sounds like beige but ecru doesn't sound like ecru- if you see what I mean- which is why I'm unlikely to put the word in a poem any time soon.

I think the rat was in the kitchen again early this morning. The evidence is suggestive rather than conclusive- noises, a spice jar knocked into the rubbish bin, a meaty piece of string dragged to the middle of the floor. Since s/he keeps coming back I think s/he needs a more than generic name. The rabbits are Tish and Tosh. The rat can be Trash. Ailz suggests getting a cat to complete- or deplete- the menage.

We took my father in law to the doctor's last night and then to fill a prescription. I was the fittest of the party and got to do all the leg work. The nearest out-of-hours pharmacy was in Sainsbury's. I still find it slightly weird that prescription medicines are being dispensed in supermarkets. One of the guys in the pharmacy queue was also buying carrots - and the white coated assistant put them through the till for him.


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