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We wear our skeletons on the inside and are largely made of water.

Our natural condition is to be wibbly-wobbly and slippy-sloppy and therefore vulverable.

So we cultivate an ideal of hardness.

We aspire to look like statues,

we work out,

we present ourselves to the world in clothes which- from the suit of armour, through the corset to the business suit- suggest toughness and sleekness

and we make a taboo of the sex act because, to the outside observer, it is then that we are at our most flobbelly-dobbelly.
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If you want to go round all day in a haze of Pickwickian goodwill then don't start your morning with a well-researched article about child prostution in Cambodia.

Poor Cambodia. First it gets bombed by Henry Kissinger, then it gets worked over by Pol Pot- the maddest genocidal tyrant of the 20th century- then- with half its adult population in a state of post-traumatic stress- it becomes the world's premier destination for western sex tourists.

Human nature in the raw is almost intolerably disgusting.

We talk about paedophilia- which is essentially the brutalising of the weak by the strong- as if it were something marginal and shadowy- as it has to be in Western societies because of the harshly enforced laws against it- but remove the sanction of active policing and far too many us, presented with the spectacle of an unprotected child, will be calculating (a) how to have sex with it or (b) how to enslave it and then sell it to other people for sex.

Show me the average man and I'll show you a predator and a bully.


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