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Apr. 24th, 2017

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I sat down this morning and nearly wrote a post asking what had happened to the arctic weather front Tomasz Shafernaker said was on its way- but I'm glad I didn't because it now seems to have arrived. First thing this morning we had mellow sunshine and I was doing a little light-weight gardening- potting up herbs mostly- but then the clouds  moved over and we had to turn the lights on in the house. I'd taken some cardboard boxes out to the bonfire site earlier with a view to burning them some time in the future and now decided I'd better get on with it before the rain began. They were up against a large heap of gardening debris that Matthew had assembled and primed with combustibles- and all I had to do was strike a match and whole lot went up like November 5th. While I was sitting on a tree stump admiring the conflagration a baby rabbit lolloped by and admired it with me- then lolloped off again when I moved my head.


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