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Mar. 28th, 2017


Mar. 28th, 2017 11:46 am
poliphilo: (bah)
I've been looking for this for years. It's Peter Bellamy's setting of Kipling's Great War poem "Gethsemane". Bellamy included it on the album "Mr Kipling Wrote Exceedingly Good Songs" which- at the time of writing- is unobtainable in any form. Here it's sung by Andrew King in a version taken from his Album The Amfortas Wound.

poliphilo: (bah)
And the reason why I don't want to tell people what I used to do for a living?

It's because they're likely to want me to explain myself further. If you say, "I used to be a bank manager" or "I used to be a supermarket cashier" the conversation ends there. Those things don't need further unpacking. But if you say "I used to be a priest..."

When pressed further I used to say "I lost my faith." But that was a bit of an evasion. If I were to answer now I might say "I needed room to breathe".

Beyond that it gets complicated and- besides- all this stuff is so old...


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