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Mar. 17th, 2017

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Julia says the rabbits- bless their little fluffy scuts- are digging up the wildflower garden. Well, that's the great wheel of Being. (David Attenborough would understand.) Her answer is to go on planting.  We have great quantities of things to go in- both seeds and mature plants. We can spare the rabbits a few.

She and Bean are touring the perimeter in their 4x4 looking for weak spots in the fence. Matthew has spotted some but Bean says Matthew is obsessive about fences and he's not convinced it matters. Neither am I. There's a  cordon sanitaire between our fences and the next door neighbour's- a no-man's land two or three feet wide full of rabbit holes and tree stumps. Our fences may be a little run down but any horse that ventured beyond them into the neutral zone would  be stopped from going any further by our neighbour's chain link fencing which is higher than my head and unjumpable and unrammable.

Yesterday was mild and sunny- with real warmth in the sunshine. Today there's a chilly breeze- the forerunner, as I understand, of the weather system that has been burying the Eastern United States in snow.
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OK, I'd forgotten the fence that lies between us and the two bungalows on Maidstone Road. In places it's backed with blackberry bushes but in other places it isn't and those other places need reinforcing. If the horses broke through into the bungalow gardens it'd be a short trot to the front gates and so out into the traffic. Anyway, Bean and Julia are seeing to it now.

The fields are very sludgy from rain and horses. Bean, however, used to have to cross muddy fields to school and has the knack of it- which is to walk flat-footed like a duck- and that way the spray fans out and doesn't go up your trouser leg.


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