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Feb. 1st, 2017

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1. Put plastic storage jars through the dish washer. They melt.

2. Pour TCP down the sink. It's a good healthy reek- but hard to get rid of. When I came down this morning Ailz had all the doors open in an attempt to dispel it. She says it had made the cat sick (literally).
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I was going through the attic and came across a stash of photos that belonged to my grandmother. Ailz reminded me how to use the scanner and...

...I crave your indulgence.

This is my mother on holiday in (Nazi) Germany in 1937. She'd have been 16. She's standing in the market place at Breisach with the Stepanmunster on the hill behind.

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My mother and grandmother snapped by a street photographer. I'm not very good at dating fashions, but I'm guessing late 1930s.

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My grandfather in uniform, 1914. He was with the Royal Leicestershire Regiment.

So young.

He survived the war only to die in middle age when a routine operation was botched.

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My grandmother, Mary Vectis Allen (nee Jackson) as a young woman. The older woman in the first picture is presumably my great-grandmother, Annie Jackson (nee Colenutt). Notice the dogs; there were always dogs.

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My granny as a little girl, with her brothers (presumably) There's a note on the back that says "Tuesday afternoon" but doesn't give the date.


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